Amazon Affiliate

So we have decided to become Amazon affiliates! That means that we generate income from your purchases on Amazon. I do hope you will join us on this journey and use our affiliate link whenever possible (It's the little things that can keep us going sometimes!).

Here is the link to the necklight that we are all currently using:

LED Necklight

and a handy case, so that the battery doesn't die in your knitting bag, LOL


Feel free to request items or suggest items during our group sessions and we will continue to add them here on the blog page.

Before your next amazon purchase, any purchase, we can send you a link via text for the affilliate program. Just text the product and I will get you the link. 845-807-3243 

Until next time,
May your yarn be squishy & your coffee delicious!

Project planner/Tracker

National Parks Book

Small Project Tote-Blue with Cats

Small Project Tote-Black with Arrows

Lord of the Rings Pattern book

Project paper

Saftey Eyes

Stitch marker pins


Maika Carry-all

Maika Commuter

Maika Crossbody



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5/12/2024 4:24 PM
Love the light!! Use it often! Just ordered the case! Thanks!!