I have been knitting for babies lately, mostly because my first grandbaby arrived in the middle of July & I just love making toys. But then my sister had her 2nd grandson & a friend a church became a grandmother too.


So here are the projects.....for my friend I knit my all time favorite the Topsy-turvy doll. This doll always makes me feel accomplished & I just adore how each one is so different. For my sister I'm finishing up a hedgehog/squirrel Topsy-turvy & just got started on a puppy lovey, total impulse knit, darn you Facebook!!! As for MY princess, I have made her multiple hats and cardigans. But I haven't decided on her toy yet, I am leaning towards the Bunny/Lamb Topsy-turvy but I change my mind a lot.

As for store projects....... I just finished a model hat (pattern "Snow Day") in Snowflake by Lang. This yarn is to die for & super duper squishy and silky soft. A cowl (pattern "That was fast") in Clouds by Lang again fluffy and light as air with gorgeous color changes. I'm also working on my Cardi Party cardigan (pattern Gilt Lace Cardigan)in Remix light by Berroco. This yarn is 100% recycled fibers and perfect for a lightweight cardigan.

Maybe this blog will keep me finishing projects!!

Until next time,
May your yarn be squishy & your coffee delicious!

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